Daily taste and fun with BMW
BMW M2 Coupe on track

BMW M2. Juggling the equilibrium.

So here we are in 2016, admiring the new BMW M2 Coupe, proadly declared to be a worthy successor for the 1 M Coupe. But is it really the new BMW M2 so good?

James Bond’s BMW Series E39

We have seen James Bond’s BMW Series E38, in flesh and bones!

One of the most renowned movies from the James Bond series is the one from 1997, called Tomorrow Never Dies. It was a time when Pierce Brosnan was acting as the 007 secret agent, and the movie’s most spectacular car was then a BMW 7 Series, with the name code E38…


BMW X1 – Comparing front wheel drive with all-wheel drive on snow, sDrive vs xDrive!

Well, the new generation of the BMW X1 has front-wheel drive versions, besides the all-wheel drive ones. And what would a Bavarian SUV with front wheel drive do on snow?

Test drive with BMW M235i

No, the new BMW M235i Series 2 is a model far more polished in form. Maybe even a little too polished, especially if we take a look at the forms of its spiritual predecessor.